Mission and Process



To multiply and mature disciples of Jesus Christ.


Discipleship Process

The graphic above identifies and characterizes the basic stages of an individual’s faith, offering up a process for engaging people and moving them toward maturity.

      indicate the stages of a disciple's growth.        indicate the character of a disciple's language and behaviors at any given stage.        indicate the maturing process for a disciple at any given stage.

The Process in Practice


  • (a) Leadership (staff, deacons, chairman of the board, and leaders) will use the process to empower people to carry out our mission.

  • (b) Partners (our membership, fellowship, and friendships) will engage the process to mature as disciples and aid in disciple-making.

  • (c) Elders will shepherd the leadership and participants through the process, while protecting the love and unity of the body as well as the scriptural integrity of our teaching and preaching.